Facilities Management

We specialize in maintaining commercial office spaces, non-profit institutions such as private schools and churches, retail spaces, and commercial buildings. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


Desormier Consulting facilities services create clean, welcoming environments that allow your Private School, Church, Commercial Building, or Office Space to run smoothly and efficiently. Our experts help maintain every aspect of your facility, from grounds care and housekeeping to project management, and preventative maintenance.

Desormier Consulting is a leader in providing innovative facilities services, but our commitment goes far beyond that. We strive to Exceed Expectations. Our clients range from college faculty and students to children entering school for the first time;  medical professionals and patients and their families; corporate executives to company employees of every job description. Desormier Consulting keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently to improve the daily life for all the people we serve.

We provide facilities services in:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Churches
  • Private Education
  • Total Home Maintenance

Ringling College of Art + Design

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